Saturday Jams

I’ve been a big fan of this one banging in the phones as of late. Big Black Delta – Money Rain Down

LE Frenchie

If you’re new to the fly fishing or tying world then you may not have heard of Lance Egan before now.  Here you go. This is Lance and the Frenchie. MidCurrent weekly fly tying video

Wild Trout Populations Matter, More Than We Realize

Its been an awful long time since my last post. A full time labor job and a budding family life has certainly taken up a lot of my time. That being said, I wouldn’t give it up if you gave me the opportunity to do so. I love it! And taking the kiddos fishing, watching…

2017 F3T/ Fly Fishing Tournament – Cody WY March 24/25

First you get the stoke reel, then the info (bellow). 2017 F3T Stoke Reel from The Fly Fishing Film Tour on Vimeo. “Join us for the F3T at The Cody Theatre, Saturday, March 25th! This event supports the newly formed Trout Unlimited alternative engagement group Adiposse, which works to help local fisheries. Compete in the…

Mother F@cker of the Month: Scott Pruitt

I. Cant. Even. This is not a party issue. This is a LIFE issue. Congrats on being the Mother Fucker of the Month Scott. Full story here : Pruitt Sells Out Sportsmen

Dream Big: expedition TAIMEN

This. This right here. This is a my fly fishing dream trip. F@cking TAIMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! expedition TAIMEN from Black Fly Eyes on Vimeo.

Streamers, Streamers, Streamers

They’re fun because the takes are usually powerful as *&#!. If your looking for some new or old patterns to tie, look here: PlanetTrout


If I had ever designed a fly fishing magazine the following would have been the result: A new online magazine coming straight from the U K that is less tweed and all about fun on the water. Read FLY-PUNK here.