Wyoming: Public Lands Management Study

Here you go folks! As they say, “The proof is in the pudding.” If you support the transfer of federal (public) lands to the hands of the states for any level of management, you support the sale of those lands to private interests. States cannot effectively manage these lands. Its impossible. They will inevitably be sold…

Keep It Real, Keep It Public

Save the Date 5 November: Casper Rally for Public Lands Keep It Public, Wyoming is hosting a Rally for Public Lands on Saturday, 5 November at the Izaak Walton League in Casper.

The Only Knot You Need To Know

Okay, so there are really two knots you need to know but to be fair, the second is just the first tied twice. So there are The Uni Knot and The Double Uni Knot. Here you go!   More Videos from Salt Water Experience on there YouTube Channel.

Water is Life.

Maybe you have just given up. Its almost reasonable given the current state the world is in. Maybe you are busy paying attention to the election (everyone likes a good joke, right?) Maybe you just weren’t aware. Water is under threat, everywhere. Poison, spills, rights, diversion, damming, pollution, economic stimulation. Everywhere you look, everywhere you…

Yyvon Chouinard : New Yorker Magazine

I knew of Yyvon before the side lines and indie film festivals flickered the beginnings of 180 Degrees South. However, it was that film that i felt truly portrayed the magnificence of his philosophy and philanthropy. A climber first and foremost, and most likely the foundation of his intrepid desire to preserve that that is most important,…

Yellowstone River: Update from MFWP

Full report found here Sections of Yellowstone River Reopen to Use Today 1 September Section 1: YNP to Carbella The Yellowstone River and all of its tributaries from the northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner, downstream to the Carbella Fishing Access Site, which is operated by the Bureau of Land Management, are open to…

Hatch Mag : An Open Letter

From Hatch Magazine  : Written by Greg Bricker Beyond Parasites: How Western Water Law has Drawn Blood from the ‘Stone To whom it may concern: All fish need water. One doesn’t have to be a fisheries biologist to comprehend this simple point—in fact, any six year old would say so. The recent outbreak of Proliferative Kidney…

Eradicating Lakers

A very well written account of the ongoing effort to eliminating the invasive lake trout in Lake Yellowstone.  Full Story here. 

Wild Stealhead Coalition: Steahead Country

Preview of a 6 part series coming this fall. Steelhead Country preview from Wild Steelhead Coalition on Vimeo. Visit wildsteelheadcoalition.org for more information and to find out how you can help to protect these magnificent wild creatures.