Water is Life.

Maybe you have just given up. Its almost reasonable given the current state the world is in. Maybe you are busy paying attention to the election (everyone likes a good joke, right?) Maybe you just weren’t aware. Water is under threat, everywhere. Poison, spills, rights, diversion, damming, pollution, economic stimulation. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, water is under threat. This film is from 2014 and had examined the the value of the Skeena River, its fish, and the steadily growing risks it continues to face in development and energy transportation proposals. From Fiji to Florida, Alaska to the Bahamas, Japan to North Dakota, and from sea to shining sea, our water is being threatened by private interests. Please become informed, please put down your foot. Water is life. Without clean and plentiful water, we all perish.

CASTING A VOICE – Full Length Film from Barbless Fly Media on Vimeo.

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