Heed The Call : A Brief Encounter with the Privateers 

Walked out of my pad and found the Privateers adventure mobile parked next to my cruiser. Snapped a quick shot and posted the above Instagram  hash tagged #leaveacoozionthecruizer. I came home to find Garret and Ryan just about to leave but had hooked it up with some Howler “koozies” on the cruiser because they spotted the fly rig in my FJ. We had a quick introduction and I had told them I follow their adventures through the blog which I noticed brought a smile to their. faces. It’s pretty cool what they are getting to explore. I must admit I would have jumped at the chance to be on their journey just a few years ago. Being a parent brings its own unique adventures, however. And I wouldn’t give those up for the world. Fortunately, we can follow Garret and Ryan and live vicariously through their experiences at the Howler Bros website here. Have a look at the fun that’s being had by these two. If you find yourselves back this direction Privateers, and need some local beta, you know where I live. 


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