Randy Newberg Series : Wyoming Example : State Land Transfer

More from the Randy Newberg Land Transfer series. This time Randy talks about my home state: Wyoming. Wyoming and Utah started all this land transfer business. Wyoming being the first state to sell off state owned land to private interest. This is a big deal for outdoor enthusiasts of all pursuits. Please get involved. Contact your state and federal legislators and let them know, they work for us and we do not want to transfer lands to states. We do not support the management practices by the states! We do not want the states to sell our land to private interest groups!

Cynthia Lummis

Mike Enzi

John Barrasso

Wyoming Legislators – Contact your local representatives from this list

“Stealing your public lands is an idea disguised under the concept of “State Transfer.” In this video, we talk about State Transfer in Wyoming, under the rules that govern State Trust Lands in Wyoming.”


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