Under Pressure : Madison River Montana

The more people doing it, the more need for regulation.

A lot of Montana rivers see a surge of fishing pressure as the flows settle and the temperatures climb. It is summer in the mountains and the call to chase trout with a fly rod is loud and strong. The Madison is quite arguably the most famous trout stream in the world. A title of that nature is sure to carry some sort of backlash. I hope that one day we can put aside our own selfish desires to ensure a resource is available for future generations. I’ve fished the Madison personally and it is not that far from where I reside. Shoulder to shoulder angler situations are not my forte and I definitely appreciate a little subtly in my presence on a river. Hands down, this is a problem that cannot be ignored for the sake of “economic growth” or “revenue stimulus.” Even the guys and gals making a living off the Madison’s fabled status have voiced their concerns. Conservation should be at the heart of every anglers motivations. If it is not, and at the risk of coming across as an asshole, I beg you exit this sport and maybe go grab a golf club or a bat. Fishing has no more room for ignorance and negligence.


Image ©Billings Gazette


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