Fly Fishing For Your Phone

I used to leave the phone behind when on outdoor adventures. After all, fishing for me is a way to cut the cord to my everyday life. Bringing along my cell phone has never been a common practice, that is until the dawn of the camera phone. Smartphones have undoubtedly made it more difficult to sever the umbilical to the technology we are forced to be dependent on. So rather than resist, I try to embrace. Most fisherman will bring their smartphone along to the river for the simple conveniences they provide: GPS, pictures, video, etc. etc. But did you know of the plethora of smartphone apps that are built for fisherman these days? One such app, Fishing Knots, has helped to not only advance my fly fishing technical knowledge base, but also help me land more fish. One of the most important aspects of the FF rig is tying things together. You want everything sound, secure, and forgiving. There are knots that work better under certain applications. For instance, you want your nymphs and streamers to flow with the subsurface current without the drag a simple cinch knot will cause. A loop knot, like Rapala Knot will all but eliminate the drag allowing your streamer to dance and twerk uninterrupted in current. How do you tie a Rapala Knot you ask? That’s were Fishing Knots comes in. The free version includes roughly 30 practical knots for use in just about every situation. Need to tie you leader to your line? Fishing Knots App. Forgot the Bimini Twist? The Blood Knot? Fishing Knots App. No fly fisherman should be without this. (Note: the free version is advertisement supported, but knot annoying!)




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