Streamers and Big Fish

I’ve never been much of a Headhunter myself. I’ve always just enjoyed fishing. That’s not to say that I do not enjoy catching big fish or even chasing down those seemingly rare, trophy size monsters. I guess I am just as happy catching any fish and every fish. But one thing that has really got me going lately is streamer tossing. I like tying the big flies. I like stripping the big flies. I really like witnessing explosive and aggressive hits in the water.  But streamers, big fish, its a numbers game and not bodies of water holds a plethora of monster fish. So when chasing monsters its best to have a plan and explore proven tactics and that’s exactly what SIMMS AMBASSADOR CHAD JOHNSON shares with us in this informative interview with The Wadding Room. See link below.


Fine Tune Your Streamer Skills with Simms Ambassador, Chad Johnson


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