Mongolia: A Fly Fishing Film

“Ask Taimen Fund Director Charlie Conn what Mongolia is about. He’ll say it’s a documentary about conservation of the Taimen (Hucho Hucho Taimen) in Mongolia. Protecting of the world’s largest salmonid species is one of several driving layers to this film. But Mongolia is also an autopsy on what happens when passionate people join to protect and manage a resource before ecosystems are subject to the impact of first world development.” FLY FISHING FILM TOUR

Mongolia. Taimen. These two words haunt my dreams when it comes to fly fishing adventures. Just about every night I dream of these mystical fish and adventuring in a land that seems to be forsaken by time. Go to Youtube. Search- Mongolia Taimen Fly Fishing. You will catch the fever and forever be inspired to take the trip. My rainy day fund has become my “Taimen Fund”. Looking in to a trip like this can be daunting. Ten thousand or more, just for a week with guide when you get there, not including gratuities or ANY travel expenses.

So in the mean time…. I live vicariously through these gentlemen and applaud their efforts in a very worthwhile conservation effort. For a documentary about conservation, there sure is a hell of a lot of damn fine fishin!


2015 Fly Fishing Film Tour- Mongolia Film Fest Trailer from West Branch Angler on Vimeo.


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