The Barr’s Meat Whistle

The Meat Whistle is one of my favorite, go to, streamers. On my home trout waters, it seams to grab the attention of every fish it passes. Sometimes Ill tie the fly on and dead drift a few sections of water, like a searching pattern, and watch the river bottom come to life. Barr’s fly is an easy tie for beginners and experts alike. The jig like hook gives the fly a very active profile while drifting through the current. I fist discovered this fly at while in the early stages of my efforts in tying and not only found it a fun fly to tie but also just a great pattern for any condition and any species (however, you may want to add some eyes if using in the salt!) The Whistle imitates leeches, sucker minnows, crayfish, bait fish, and plenty other aquatic life so your sure to get some follows. I like to mix up the colors on The Meat Whistle, black and brown the most commonly used. Olive, natural, red, and white have worked well for me in the past and also yellow/brown. Ill even substitute elastic floss for the rubber legs making this a little more durable on the water.

Barr’s Meat Whistle Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #01-06 Daiichi 4660
Head: Large Copper Cone Head/ Dumbbells and eyes for salt
Thread: Dark Brown UTC 140
Tail: Rust/ Brown magnum Zonker Rabbit Strip
Rib: Copper or silver Brassie Wire
Body: Red Holographic Diamond Braid
Legs: Orange Barred and Speckled Crazy Legs (rubber or flex floss)
Collar: Brown Woolly Bugger Marabou
Flash: Copper Flashabou
Glue: Brush On Zap A Gap/ Loon UV cure thick

If you haven’t visited the folks @ yet I suggest you take a look at the site. You’ll find hundreds of tying videos and patterns for everything from carp to bone-fish, trout to tarpon. Click on the link here to visit the site.


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