Thursday Tricks and Tips

When it comes to knots the choices are almost overwhelming. Almost every knot in fishing serves a special purpose or occasion. We tend to fall in to a rhythm when fishing (or at least I do) and especially when tying the fly to the leader. The cinch knot and the improved cinch being the most common of fishing knots serves it purpose of securing the fly to leader but may be limiting our success. In this article, by Louis Cahill of, Louis discussed the benefits of adding the Double Figure Eight Loop to our arsenal of fly connections. Louis points out the benefits clearly and the video posted in the article clearly demonstrates this easy and efficient loop knot. Coming from a climbing background myself, Ive attempted a figure 8 loop or two, with and without success. The Double Eight appears sound and secure. The addition of a loop allows the fly to freely change position in the current and allows the fly to sink while reducing drag caused by the leader. If you have never visited the folk at G&G I suggest you place their site in your fly fishing bookmarks. These classy gentlemen are experienced beyond belief (on and off the water) in the world of fish on the fly. Louis hosts several amazing trips each year to several world class fishing destinations. I hope to one day accompany Louis on one of these trips and imagine I would return a much more competent angler.



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