What is a summer without climbing?

Answered simply: for me, fishing. And lots of it. Finding a way to connect with the mountains can be hard for an injured or otherwise distracted climber. Hiking without a climbing objective in mind, to me, is pointless. I do not saunter much and I don’t hike. Give me a rope or a rod however and will walk to the end of the earth for good rock,  ice, or…………. FISH!  While I have zero none nada summer ascent I do have some amazing fish stories and lots of wonderful memories.


ProjectThePlanet will be taking a slightly different tone from now on. There will be some amazing content to come, I hope to keep you captured.


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  1. kenman307 says:

    Reblogged this on examplewordpresscom7717 and commented:
    yea that’s great to get outdoors and to appreciate fly fishing especially. it is powerful to get out and enjoy the magic of nature. always a special time for me to seek the tranquility of the world.

    1. I agree kenman307! Very well put. We will have to grab a pole and swing some bugs together soon. I hear you have a drift boat parked somewhere near Big Timber. Thats right next two a few rivers if I am not mistaken. Ill bring the cigars.

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