Alpine Mentors

If you do not know who Steve House is you have probably never left the gym. One of the greatest American alpine climbers to ever grace the mountains, Steve is continuing to break alpine barriers, and this time, on US soil. The Alpine Mentors is a two year program focusing on advancing young technically competent alpinists  climbing skills in the high alpine environment. Think big objectives for young climbers. Its not a guiding service or publicity stunt. The organization has a genuine motivation to preserve and enhance the alpine experience and pure climbing ethics. Light, fast, and nothing left behind. “Ultimately, Alpine Mentors is meant to become an open framework, one that can change with the people who come to fill it with energy, inspiration, and action,” Steve writes on the website, “Alpine Mentors is a way for mentors to interact with younger, not-as experienced, climbers. Those of us who dedicated our lives to climbing mountains learned much. This is where we can share that knowledge.”

The program in its first year of mentorship. In April of 2012, the mentors took many applications and ultimately ended in choosing 4 talented and lucky young alpinists. Among them was an acquaintance of mine through alpine and ice climbing in Cody Wyoming. Colin Simon, a recent graduate of The University of Colorado, says ” I have found job interviews far less interesting than being pushed around by the wind in Rocky Mountain National Park.” Knowing Colin, I am certain he will find his mark in the mountains far greater than in the day to day lives of the populated world.

A mentorship like this would have been a dream-come-true for me in my early twenties. I am not certain I have the unmitigated gull to try and tackle some of the feats the young climbers will undoubtedly embrace of the next two years. I hope to be in contact with Colin over the coarse of his journey and I also hope that he shares his remarkable experiences with us. Good luck Colin, be safe and live the dream for all of us.

For more info on the program, its goals, supporting, and its progress, visit ALPINEMENTORS.ORG

<p><a href=”″>Alpine Mentors</a> from <a href=””>Wayfaring Media</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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