Seasons Change

Unfortunately, I have not completed the video project of the Teton Canyon boulders like I had intended on, and now my time in the Valley is coming to an end 😦 Over the next few weeks I will be making my move to Cody Wy. for the cold season in hopes of a winter of glorious ice in the South Fork of the Shoshone River. If you have not heard of Cody ice, may I suggest you check out , official website of the Cody Patriarch, Aaron Mulkey. Mulkeys beta is off the best you will find. Accurate and up to date conditions of all most every waterfall in the valley. This is where you can find the best up to date info on the web. So, as spring roles in next season, I will continue my projects in the Tetons and finish what is (at least for me) an exciting video guide of West Teton Bouldering.

I leave you today with this wonderful, thought provoking image 🙂

Doug Shepherd on an Unnamed Monster Flow, somewhere secret, near or in Wyoming

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