Skull Canyon! Skeletor has a new home


Bolts in on two routes. Both need some detailing but should be beta ready spring/ summer 2013. One 50 ft, 80 degree ledge fest 10 c/d and a provoking face climb to over hanging dihedral with beautiful under clings and chest stemming (!!!) at 10 b. Gonna stab in an 11 b-ish extension to the former, but further investigation is required. More updates as it happens.

PS        These guys are somewhere in this pic below ;P

I only had a brief moment to do some exploration, but I found a new project area for sport climbing in Eastern(ish) Idaho. Skull Canyon of Clark County Idaho is primarily know for its amazing trail riding. One thing it has potential for is Classic Limestone Sport Cragging! Typically, good rock in Idaho involves an alpine style ascent and is usually in some remote location. Skull Canyon however……. ok, well it isnt exactly close to anything, but hey, minimal approach. I am going to put up a few routes there this summer, guaranteed. Here are a couple pics of the area. Ill post more project info as it happens. Peace!



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  1. Ryan says:

    Did you ever end up putting up some route in Skull Canyon this last summer?

    1. Ryan,
      Sorry I didn’t reply to this earlier. Yes, Skull Canyon is seeing some development. I personally outfitted a 5.10a and witness a couple working the FA of an 11b and 12a. Not sure if they nailed the accents. My route is marked by a caren .5 miles up the canyon road on the right. Nearsighted 5.10A 7 bolts plus chain/coldshut anchor.

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