Boulder WY, 82923 Population 30, Elevation 7,018 ft (2,139 m)

With a name like “Boulder,” one might assume that the town has a ton of rock. Then, you think to yourself, “Wyoming.” Chances are your thought process stops there. People tend to forget about the quality of rock climbing in the Cowboy State. And often do not even consider the quality of life that is prominent here. Im a hard working 31 year old climbing bum. My interests lie between music, girls, food, art, and climbing. Pretty simple. This is what I love about Wyoming. As extreme as everything is, or can be, life is still simple. I live near Jackson Hole. I work in The Wind River Range. Everyday of my life, I see Gods handy work in the massive monuments of granite, limestone, and basalt. This is my temple, this is my mecca.

Boulder is a very small town located about 20 miles south of Pinedale Wyoming. There is a gas station slash bar, a motel, a post office, and a few miles from that conglomerate is a shady looking airforce base about the size of a small elementary school. But 18 miles or so down highway 353 lays a mecca of extremely large and vast boulder fields. One could spend every day of their life projecting and never climb the same boulder twice. IT IS HUGE. is the online supplement to the much anticipated (and extremely overdue) guidebook: “Rock Climbing Jackson Hole and Pinedale, WY – A Day Climber’s Guide.” A Wesley Gooch guidebook. In the online guide, a very small amount of lines are presented, a very small amount.  The Galaxy awaits those who wish to give up the crowds, the bling, the bullshit, and the ego that tends to come with large and popular bouldering areas. I wont mention them, we all know where they are. There is nothing, except rock, and maybe a few wild beasts, at The Galaxy. GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FA’s are everywhere! I am documenting every climb I complete. Names, grades, topo’s. All available soon. Check out for a great deal of free beta on what the Tetons and Wind Rivers have to offer the boulderer and crag rat. Dont waste time. It will be a big deal soon. I promise.



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