Welcome to Project The Planet

Hello there, welcome to Project The Planet. My name is James and I will be your guide. Ive just created the idea of what Project The Planet is in my head and after some thought maps and other scrambled ideas, I think this is an idea in the making. I hope that, in the time ahead of us, I will be able to share my mountaineering, rock climbing, bouldering, ice climbing, fly fishing, and other outdoor adventures with you. Im an avid climber and fly fisherman. That is all I want to do with my life. Show me the rock, I want to climb it. Give me a river, lets fish it. The problem is that I need to have a job and pay my bills and be a responsible human being. Man, does that get in the way of my wants!!! Well, If you know me, I love to take people climbing and fishing, get people out climbing and fishing, teach people to climb and fish, show people where to climb and fish (well okay, I have lots of spors I dont want to show anyone), and so on and so on. Its my life. Sharing is how I give back to the sports that changed my life. Im a nobody, but I love these sport more than anything, except sharing it with others. I hope you enjoi. Oh yeah, thats my back yard! ;P


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  1. Slick Rick says:

    sick! i hope it goes well. this sounds like it could work out awesome. if you get some unpublished beta on star valley and any other area around i.f. or driggs, that would be awesome if you post it here. thanks dude and good luck!

    1. Slick Rick,

      Sorry about the long awaited reply here. I gave up most of my efforts in the greater Tetons due to the fact that, at the time, Wesley Gooch @ http://www.climbingwyoming.com/ was in the middle of an amazing effort to publish several guides to the area. His efforts came to major fruition at the end of 2011 with the release of “Rock Climbing Jackson Hole & Pinedale, WY // The Authoritative Day Climber’s Guide to Western Wyoming”

      Im sure that by now you have heard of the website, if not, check it out! Gooch keeps great up to date beta on LOTS of projects and happenings in the Tetons and Wind River areas. His beta is accurate and consistent! He is also very approachable for hands on beta. Email or use the contact us forms to ask him anything about climbing on his home turf! Hope this helps.

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